Furniture and hardware industry in the next few years development situation and trend…


The development of the furniture handle hardware industry, the development of the decorative hardware industry has entered a mature stage, and the brand competition in the decorative hardware industry is becoming more and more fierce. Among them, the vicious competition in the decorative hardware market is not uncommon, on the other hand, a long-term price war will not be able to maintain many decorative pull handle hardware merchants will look at the after-sales service this breakthrough


Price war can not continue

In the price war has been unable to see the long-term situation, many businesses and put their eyes on the after-sales service this breakthrough. While delivering the goods free of charge, they also provided installation suggestions and design drawings, sent technical personnel to carry out actual surveying and mapping of customers' houses, and followed up on decoration hardware installation and after-sales problems, through to the after-sales service ability improvement, has deepened the consumer to the decoration hardware industry's cognition degree.

After-sales service has become a must

With the gradual maturity of decorative hardware, every manufacturer has basically mastered this skill, so there is not much difference in the technical content of the products produced, depending on the technical success is not suitable for the current market environment and consumer demand, manufacturers must find a new way to seek a new model of development. In the past manufacturers will also spell the price, take the route of low-price competition.


Now consumer's consumption pattern and consumption psychology have produced the new change, low price is no longer the sole goal which the consumer pursues. While protecting the environment, people should also think more about their own safety. Low-price products will bring consumers consumption doubts, low-price competition can not adapt to the development of the industry. Through the improvement of after-sales service ability, further deepen the consumer awareness of the decorative hardware industry, which is also a good brand of decorative hardware publicity. At the same time, The Adjuster a complete set of industrial chain, but also to the decorative hardware enterprises to bring more value-added space, conducive to the healthy development of the decorative hardware industry.

Post time: Feb-15-2023